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From the rolling hills at the heart of the Loire department, East Forez is a land of contrasts. It comes from a cooperation between 49 French “départements” or counties and brings together a multitude of natural features: the lush mountain meadows of Forez stretch from west to east, punctuated by the Loire River, up to the Monts du Lyonnais mountain ridges; in the north, Mont Boussuivre in Violay rises to an incredible altitude of 1004 m and at its peak holds the famous Matagrin Tower; finally, the southern part of the region holds the Montrond-les-Bains thermal baths. With so much going for it, Forez stands out as a part of the country rich in authentic traditions and culture.



Here are 5 reasons why East Forez is the perfect place to visit:
• A countryside covered with long distance footpaths (GR7, GR3017), iconic routes such as those travelled by Montaigne and the famous Route of Santiago de Compostela, and trails full of local history such as a trail of windmills crossing Saint-Médard-en-Forez or the historic monorail tracks near Salt-en-Donzy. East Forez is the place to discover, at your own pace, stunning and untouched natural spaces, from the Loire (300 m high) up to the peaks of the Monts du Lyonnais (over 1000 m high).




• A region of experts in traditional arts and crafts, Forez is full of enthusiastic artisans passionate about sharing their savoir-faire and techniques in a fun and accessible way. Here you can find the Milliner's Workshop Museum in Chazelles-sur-Lyon, the Textile and Tie Museum in Panissières, and the Weaving and Silk Museum in Bussières, as well as numerous artisans and businesses who open their doors to visitors throughout the year.

• A region for adventures or relaxation, Forez offers many activities to choose from: exciting air sports such as paragliding and hot-air balloons, the thrill of the chase at the racecourse in Feurs, the promise of peace-of-mind with multiple fishing spots around the Loire River, to name but a few. And something for everyone - the chance to unwind at Les Iléades thermal spa with its stunning and festive gardens amongst the unique Loire health resort of Montrond-les-Bains.

• A land full of culinary traditions, Forez has earned its reputation from a host of immensely talented local producers. With gourmet food shops, artisanal ice cream from Saint-Cyr-les-Vignes or pâté from Civens, and educational farms open to the public, several institutions showcase their regional products.
• Forez and its 49 counties are also renowned for a rich variety of historical, cultural and sporting events, ensuring something for everyone all year round!


The East Forez Office of Tourism was created on 6 March 2017. It is registered as a local Public Establishment for both industry and commerce.

The East Forez Office of Tourism is currently supported by:

Funding from the East Forez Federation of Municipalities as part of its public service delegation contract,
Revenue from guided tours,
Revenue from managing ticket sales (transport, events).
Revenue from the sale of products in the Shop


Getting here


To get to the region of Forez-Est, take the A72 motorway A89 RD1082 / N89 /D89


By bus: timetables for intercity transport lines of the Loire department; timetables for intercity transport lines of the Rhône department


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